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Are the legal aspects of your business deals stressing you out?

Let’s face it. You started your business to make money, not to risk losing it to legal problems. Problem is, business transactions are always chock-full of legal issues. Contracts need to be drafted just right to avoid problems in the future. Tax consequences need to be considered. Securities laws need to be complied with. Contingencies need to be planned for. Ever want to sell your business? Forget about it if foundational legal issues aren’t handled right.

You need a business-savvy lawyer on your side who can guide you through your business deals. You deserve clear advice you can understand and actionable strategies that are compatible with your business.

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Purchase & Sale

I’ve got a big transaction on my hands! I’m looking for help with the legal aspects of a business purchase or sale transaction or major merger/acquisition. This might include help with due diligence, negotiation, deal structure, securities compliance, agreement drafting, tax consequences, and valuation.

Help for Purchase or Sale

Exit Strategy

I want to plan for the future! I am the owner of a successful, closely held service business. I’d like help with putting together my exit strategy so I can either make sure my business stays in the family, is managed by my protege as I transition into retirement, or is primed to sell for maximum value when I’m ready.

Help for Exit Planning


If good contracts are the foundation of a strong business I’m worried my business might have a rotten foundation. Maybe I used quick and easy contracts I found online or,  just copied a friend’s. Or, I regularly find myself signing contracts that I don’t understand and worry about being on the hook for things I never anticipated.

I’ve heard that bad contracts are of the #1 source of business conflicts.

I need help with building, negotiating, or signing better contracts.

Help with Contracts

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