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Piercing the corporate veil. What it is and how to avoid it.

So, you've hired a lawyer, listened to her advice, and did exactly what she recommended.

You formed an LLC, put your company assets in it, and started doing business with the world as your LLC. Everything just looked rosy

Then the lawsuit came - and you were personally named in addition to your LLC.

"No problem" you think. I've been doing business as an LLC so I can't be personally sued. 


Well, not so fast.

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Naughty or nice? Top 3 gift ideas for your business.

Are you all done with your gift shopping early this year or are you still planning on braving the real or virtual crowds to make sure you've got everyone covered?

Either way, as an entrepreneur, don't forget to take care of your baby (I mean your business)! 

Whether business has been naughty or nice to you this year, the end of the year is a great time to do a legal checkup and make sure that your business is well equipped to succeed in the new year.

Here are three gifts you should consider giving your business this year. And none of them involve canned ham or fruitcake!

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