Top 10 Signs You Might Have the Wrong Lawyer

Picking the right legal advisor for your small business is a critically important decision. Here are some reasons you might have the wrong business lawyer. Hopefully they will also help you on the front end: when you are trying to find the right lawyer for your business. So, in Jeff Foxworthy style, you might have the wrong business lawyer if: 10. The advice you receive is always too conservative. Being naturally risk averse, some lawyers, with no business sense, tend to give advice based on a goal of eliminating risk from the transaction. This can render business decisions unwieldy and impossible. Ultimately, the only way to avoid all risk is to shut down your business. If you are always getting advice that is too conservative to make business sense, then maybe you have the wrong business lawyer 9. Your lawyer knows lots about the law but very little about business. Many lawyers claim to be jacks [...]

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Piercing the corporate veil. Why & how to avoid it.

Care and feeding of your corporate veil The corporate veil is one of the most important features of your corporation or LLC. Make sure to take care if so it can take care of you. Everything looked so rosy... So, you've hired a lawyer, listened to her advice, and did exactly what she recommended. You formed an LLC, put your company assets in it, and started doing business with the world as your LLC. Everything just looked rosy. Then the lawsuit came - and you were personally named in addition to your LLC. "No problem" you think. I've been doing business as an LLC so I can't be personally sued. Right? Well, not so fast. Introducing MR. Corporate Veil Before we go much further I'd like to introduce you to Mr. Corporate Veil. You really need to get to know him since he's one of your best friends. You see, [...]

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