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Serving your legal needs throughout Eastern Washington with a 100% virtual service model.

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“With an Outsourced General Counsel plan, your executive team can be sure that it always has access to strategic and proactive legal advice in the decision-making process.”

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Outsourced General Counsel. Business-savvy, proactive advice for every step of important decisions.

Get legal peace in the C-Suite with an Outsourced General Counsel plan

Need more than a Virtual Legal Department?

Some of my clients learn about my Virtual Legal Department services and think “that’s great, but my company needs more than just a legal department, we need a trusted legal advisor on our executive team.” If this sounds familiar, then my Outsourced General Counsel service might be right for you.

Sometimes you need more than just run-of-the-mill legal services from a lawyer who sees law in a vacuum. You need a business savvy, strategic-thinking, trusted legal advisor who can work with executive team or senior managers for everything from product development to strategic decisions like acquisitions or stock incentive programs for employees. You need an Outsourced General Counsel.

Especially when your company valuation gets into the double-digit millions, what you don’t know really can hurt you. With as many areas of the law as affect your business, like securities law, employment law, contracts law, licensing law, and internet/privacy law just to name a few, it can be virtually impossible to know not just the right answers, but the questions to ask in the first place. Larger companies who can afford the mid-six-digit payroll and the hassles of searching for a business-savvy lawyer with a couple of decades of practice experience have their General Counsel. Problem is, for many companies like yours, this is not just a big, expensive undertaking, but they don’t really need a full-time General Counsel. Instead, their needs would be perfectly met with part-time General Counsel services only when they need it. For this type of need, my Outsourced General Counsel service is a perfect fit.

What you get with an Outsourced General Counsel plan

With an Outsourced General Counsel plan, you get everything you would get with a Virtual Legal Department, but you also get business-savvy, sophisticated guidance and advice in an even more proactive fashion. I’m available to get involved in strategic planning, decision-making, and problem-solving – whether to your senior executives, product managers, or Board of Directors – as early as you want me so that legal considerations can be incorporated into the decision-making process. With 22 years as a practicing lawyer, and experience as a litigator, C-level manager, and in-house attorney, I can advise on complicated yet critical issues like:

  • Executive compensation (including equity incentive plans)
  • Entity structure planning (including tax implications)
  • Mergers and acquisitions planning and execution
  • Strategic and high-stakes negotiations
  • Expansion plans
  • Negotiation dynamics and strategies for high-stakes deals and transactions
  • Digital infrastructure (especially legal issues related to remote-working)
  • Employee recruitment, retention, and benefits planning
  • Options for raising capital (including popular SEC registration exemptions like crowd-funding, limited offerings, and private placements)

When issues start becoming more multi-disciplinary in nature, I also have a trusted team of professionals who can assist (like with specialized tax, insurance, or employee benefits questions, for example) as needed and desired.

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