Form an LLC or corporation with confidence.

The top-rated business-savvy legal advice you need.

Serving your legal needs throughout Eastern Washington with a 100% virtual service model.

Get Legal Peace for Your New Business

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Form an LLC or corporation with confidence.

The top-rated business-savvy legal advice you need.

Serving your legal needs throughout Eastern Washington with a 100% virtual service model.

Get Legal Peace for Your New Business

Contact me today.


“Choosing and properly forming a legal entity such as an LLC or corporation is one of the most important legal steps you can take for your new business.”

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Let’s build your business the right way!

Forming an LLC or Corporation is anything but straight forward.

Forming an LLC or corporation for your new business is one of the most important steps you will take. Chosen and formed right, and your LLC or corporation will serve you well. Liability protection, better access to capital, smoother sailing with business partners, tax advantages, ease of eventual exit, and overall lower legal anxieties can all be yours.

Form your LLC or corporation improperly though (or even make the wrong move in choosing which entity to use) and the opposite can the case. From problems with pierced corporation veil (where creditors can bypass your LLC or corporation and access your personal assets), to management disputes and tax problems or missed tax savings, your faulty LLC or corporation can be a huge mistake!

Sometimes even picking the wrong lawyer (like a “general practice” lawyer who dabbles in many things, and forms 1 or 2 LLCs a year) can lead to disastrous results for your LLC or corporation. I’ve even had clients tell me that after they paid a lawyer an astronomical fee to form their LLC, in the end, their lawyer just handed them a big stack of papers and said “good luck!” Bad form… to say the least.

I know how important it is for you and your business that your LLC or corporation is formed right. I also believe that as my client, and as a business owner, you deserve to know exactly how to run that new LLC or corporation. If you hire me to form your LLC or corporation, not only will I work with you to make sure we pick the right entity for you and take care of forming it right, beginning to end, but you will also have access to reference and educational materials that will help you make sure to keep your LLC or corporation legally compliant.

I’ve had the privilege of helping literally dozens upon dozens of people launch their dream business with a new LLC or corporation. Industries that I’m experienced in include: healthcare, professional services, HVAC, digital marketing, digital freelancers, influencer marketing, coaching and consulting, brick and mortar service and retail businesses, and contractors. I look forward to the opportunity help you build your dream!



Starting a business can be complicated and daunting. Forming your LLC or corporation shouldn’t be.

When you hire me, I will take 100% of the legal hassles of your LLC or corporation formation off your plate.


Whether an LLC or corporation is the right entity for your business, I offer full-service formation so you can get going with your new business with peace of mind and minimal hassles.

Here’s what you get when you choose Clear Focus Law to form your LLC or corporation:

  • Business & tax-savvy advice for entity structure

  • All necessary federal and state filings

  • Full explanations on all governance documents

  • Digital signature for all formation documents

  • Secure client portal for sharing sensitive documents & info

  • Guidance on critical tax issues

  • Access to my hand-picked network of allied professionals to help with your new business including insurance consultants, tax experts, and lenders

  • Direct access to me (not my paralegal or assistant) by phone, text, email, and secure-messaging

  • Resources and guides to help you ensure legal compliance for your new LLC or corporation

  • Advice about and drafting of buy-sell agreements or shareholder agreements as necessary

Plus, I always charge a flat fee for your predictability and peace of mind.

Grow your new business with confidence. Get a professionally formed LLC or corporation today.

Form my LLC or corporation

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. I can usually represent multiple people who wish to form an LLC or corporation together as long as everyone is on the same page and everyone trusts each other. However, there are some important caveats. First, I cannot provide independent legal advice to any individuals. All of the legal advice must be “to the group.” Therefore if one of the business partners has specific concerns that he or she might not want to share with the others, then this arrangement doesn’t work. Second, I cannot keep any secrets from anyone in the group. Anything that I learn from anyone in the group that in any way relates to the project, I need to share with everyone. No exceptions. Finally, I can only represent everyone when everyone continues to be on the same page. If there is a conflict of any sort, then I would need to withdraw from representation of everyone.

If all of these conditions are met, then I will need everyone in the group to sign a “joint representation waiver.” This waiver explains most of the information above and recommends that each business partner retain separate counsel if they have specific questions or concerns.

My fee includes everything needed in the formation of your LLC or corporation and starts at $1,000 for a single member LLC. Fees for multiple member LLCs and corporations are higher because of the significantly increased complexity. As much possible I always quote flat fees for my services.

I can usually get your LLC fully filed and formed within 2 weeks. Allow more time if there are multiple business partners involved or if I am forming a corporation for you instead.