Business purchase or sale without legal anxieties.

The business-savvy legal advice you need.

Get Legal Peace for Your Purchase or Sale

Contact me today.


Business purchase or sale without legal anxieties.

The business-savvy legal advice you need.

Get Legal Peace for Your Purchase or Sale

Contact me today.


“Experienced professionals can help you successfully navigate around hidden legal, financial, and tax pitfalls in your deal.”

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Let’s make your purchase or sale transaction a success.

Purchase and sale transactions are complicated.

Whether you are getting into business for the first time, expanding your existing business, or stepping away from a successful business, purchase & sale transactions are definitely daunting. From the various legal issues, to the voluminous documentation, to the potential tax consequences, this is not an area where DIY with forms you find online is a good idea.

A successful purchase & sale transaction will often involve a team of allied professionals including a CPA, insurance advisor, banker, and more. If you’ve got your own team already I’m always ready to work with them. Or, if you need, I can supply transaction-savvy experts from my own hand-picked network.

A holistic approach is what makes purchase & sale transactions successful. With every transaction, I provide that approach.

I’ve had experience helping numerous clients close successful transactions, from the sale of entire businesses, to just a portion of a business’ assets. The industries I’ve worked in have ranged from professional services (with clients including accountants and dentists) to the digital and online space (with clients including on-line influencers and SaaS developers).


Whether you’re buying or selling, I offer the end-to-end transactional representation to get you to the closing table with peace of mind and minimal hassles.

Here’s what you get when you choose Clear Focus Law to represent you for your purchase or sale transaction:

  • Direct access to me (not my paralegal or assistant) by phone, text, email, and secure-messaging

  • Business & tax-savvy advice for deal structure

  • Due-diligence advice and support

  • Secure digital data room for sharing sensitive documents

  • Access to my hand-picked network of allied professionals to help close your deal including insurance consultants, tax experts, and lenders

  • Review & drafting of all critical deal documents

  • Guidance on critical tax issues

  • Advice on valuation & pricing

  • Guidance on entity selection and on-the-fly formation as necessary

Plus, I always charge a flat fee for your predictability and peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes I have clients ask me this question and the answer is always a very emphatic “yes.” You simply can’t afford to rely either on DIY sources (like the internet) or even worse, the other side’s attorney on as important a transaction as a business purchase or sale. You absolutely need to have competent legal advice that you can rely on and that is for your interests only. In fact, you should know that the other attorney in the transaction has absolutely no obligation to do anything in your interests. The other attorney is actually legally bound to do everything for the best interests of the other party¬†even if that means making you pay the price.

My fee varies widely depending on the stage, size and complexity of your transaction, the services you retain me for (e.g. whether you would like me to help you with the due diligence phase) and the number of other professionals involved with whom I will need to work. As much possible I always quote flat fees for my services.

I recommend allowing for an absolute minimum of least six months for most transactions. This does not include time for due diligence which usually can take many more months. If SBA financing is involved, I recommend allowing for even more time for the transaction to close and making sure that everyone has the flexibility to accommodate closing delays. As with many federal government underwritten loan programs, SBA-backed loans are notorious for being slow to close.

Most business purchase or sale transactions will involve a number of other professionals. At a minimum it will involve a CPA and usually a commercial banker.

If you already have your own team of professional that you work with then I’m happy to work with them. On the other hand, if you need recommendations, I maintain a network of highly vetted professionals who can assist with your transaction.