How to get an LLC

Want help with how to get an LLC formed? I'm here to help. Whether you want me to take care of everything start to finish, or advise you just when you need it, get your LLC on your terms.

How to get an llc

Learn how to get an LLC the right way! Operating your business as an LLC is very often a great choice! Liability protection, flexibility, tax savings, and more can be found with a properly formed and operated LLC. However, improperly formed or operated LLCs can be worth less than the paper they are documented on. Let me help you form and operate your LLC the right way!


A la carte services for LLC formation

How to get an LLC on your terms

That's right. I'll help you with as much or as little of the LLC formation process as you'd like. Most of my clients prefer that I take care of everything from beginning to end (and are surprised at how affordable that is). Or, if it makes more sense to you, I can just help with what you need, like:

  • Drafting an Operating Agreement only
  • Advising on buy-sell agreements and deadlock provisions for multiple-member LLCs
  • Reviewing an LLC you've formed to make sure everything looks good

Want to know how to get an LLC together the right way? I'm here to help.


No LLC is complete without an LLC book

Do you have an LLC book for your LLC? Well you need one if you don't. The law requires it and if you don't, it makes it much easier for someone to pierce the corporate veil (and sue you instead of your LLC).

The law requires that you keep the following in your LLC book:

  • Certificate of formation and amendments
  • Operating agreement and amendments
  • A record of initial and subsequent capital contributions
  • Three most recent tax returns (federal, state, local)
  • Three most recent financial reports
  • A record of all decisions made by a vote of the members for the past three years

Every LLC I help form includes a convenient book that contains all of this and instructions on how to make sure it stays complete at all times. Just another example of the Clear Focus Law Difference.

Ready to get started? 

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Special LLC issues

Special LLC issues

I can also help you with special legal issues relating to LLCs including:

  • When and how to use a professional limited liability company (PLLC)
  • When and how to choose to have your LLC be taxed as an s-corporation to save on taxes
  • How to close your LLC