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Let’s start planning your exit strategy today.

Don’t leave the financial future of your business up to chance.

Exit strategy planning for your business is critically important, yet often neglected – with potentially disastrous results.

Some business owners figure on the wait and see method, building an attractive business and hoping that someone will make them a buy-out offer. Consider that some studies suggest that 90% of businesses that are actually listed for sale never sell. 

Other business owners don’t think about their exit at all, until the day they unexpectedly pass away and their heirs unexpectedly take over a business they know nothing about running. Maybe this is why 70% of family businesses fail before the next generation can run with them.

Proactive and early exit strategy planning is a much better idea. As odd as it sounds, I often start working with clients on planning their exit at the same time I help them form it!

Fact is, one of the biggest differences between owning your own business and having a job, even a very well-paying job, is building a valuable asset that can provide you and your family with long term financial security. With the right planning, your business can even be a big part of your retirement plan!

Without the right exit strategy planning however, and you could miss out on huge opportunities or your business could even fail or fall into the wrong hands.

Just a few of the benefits of good exit strategy planning

Frequently Asked Questions

Like your retirement, it’s never too early to plan for your business exit. In fact, I often have exit strategy discussions with clients even as I help them start their business! As you get closer to the target date of your exit, you should be paying more and more attention to your strategy. Ideally you will have at two years to fully implement the final pieces of your exit plan before you need to pull the trigger.

The ideal exit strategy will encompass many different aspects of your business with a dual pronged goal of making sure that you maximize the value of your business at the time of your exit and that your exit strategy be executed as smoothly as possible. Some of the issues we may address during the exit strategy planning process include:

  • Legal entity issues
  • Outstanding contracts
  • Employment practices and policies
  • Trade secret protection
  • Asset protection
  • Valuation issues
  • Leadership team best practices
  • Brand-building and protection

There are always two goals to effective exit strategy planning: 1) to maximize the realized value and benefit to you from your exit (this includes both the amount, frequency, and reliability of the financial value you will receive); 2) to minimize any disruptions to the process of implementing your exit strategy, whether that process means the sale transaction to a third party, transition to a protege, or transition to the next generation of family members.

There is no set answer to this question. The time necessary depends on your needs, desired strategy, and timeframe. If you are looking to transition your closely held family business to your children in a year’s time, then I will help you put together a plan of action to help make that a reality. If you would like to sell your business to investors within the next 3 months, I can help you make that transaction as smooth as possible. Or, if you want to put together a comprehensive exit strategy over the next two years, we can do that too.

The pricing for putting together a plan varies widely and depends on your business, timeframe, goals, and existing legal framework among other things. I always commit to flat fees on exit strategy planning with fees ranging from $2,000 to $10,000 depending on what is needed.

I always recommend that we build a team of professionals to develop your exit strategy. At a minimum this will include a CPA and insurance advisor. Depending on the circumstances, I may also recommend that we include business appraisers, commercial lenders, business coaches, investment advisors, or benefits specialists on your team of trusted advisors.

If you already have your own team of professional that you work with then I’m happy to work with them. On the other hand, if you need recommendations, I maintain a network of highly vetted professionals who can assist with your exit strategy planning.


Eric has been a great asset for a number of legal items. He has been responsive and patient and has worked to make sure any concerns have been addressed. He has provided guidance and comfort and made legal items approachable. Working with Eric has been a real pleasure.

Bryan, Cybersecurity Consultant

Eric is great to work with. I consulted with him on a personal matter and he completed his review in a very short time. I also refer my business clients to him for their legal needs on a regular basis. His rates are very reasonable, and he is very knowledgeable. I highly recommend him!

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It’s a very nice feeling knowing that we can call on Eric for honest, quick, and conscientious legal help….sometimes at odd hours. Eric has helped us through some pretty challenging issues, we can’t thank him enough and therefore enthusiastically recommend his legal services. The last case Eric worked on for us was with real estate. Eric saved us from making a big mistake, which would have left us financially exposed….very glad we brought Eric on board with that transaction, or that particular real estate deal could have dealt us a tremendous blow.

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I have been in the tax and accounting business for 10 years. I have been using Eric personally and for business for the past 4 years. He has completed my will, business contracts, LLC formations, non-competes, and given me legal counsel on the sale of a business. He has done great work on all these projects at a very reasonable price.

I have also referred him to over a dozen of my clients and I have never received a complaint from any of them. I highly recommend Eric Hsu.

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Eric did an S-Corp for my real estate business and it saved me $22,000 in taxes that I would have had to pay to Uncle Sam. It was the best thing that I ever did for my business and Eric was great to work with. He was very complete in his paperwork and he got me set up fast so I would not miss my IRS deadline. He is an excellent attorney and I would highly recommend him.

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I’ve used Eric on multiple occasions to set up new business entities. I’m always impressed with his work. He is very thorough and definitely has his client’s best interest in mind. I will continue using his services and recommend him to anyone I know.

Burt, Real Estate Agent

Eric has prepared employment agreements for me, along LLC filings and renewals. Eric is always punctual , timely and easy to communicate with. Keep up the great work!

Kyle Hagen, President of A-One Refrigeration & Heating, Inc.

CFL helped my business deal with a client trying to defame us. He responded quickly and did exactly what we needed. Will definitely use him again. Thank you!

Laura Gosink, Managing Veterinarian

Clear Focus is a great choice!

Diane Jaggi, Real Estate Investor

Eric helped me start a new business in a separate State, providing engineering services for Idaho National Lab. This required him to get multiple applications going simultaneously. This was done seamlessly and in a timely manner. He also negotiated my rates and other details, beyond my expectations. I couldn’t be happier with the results, or with his accessibility as the issues were dealt with.

Pat, Hedron Engineering, PLLC

I have used this firm for a few years now. Excellent, honest business with sound advice. More than affordable pricing. I highly recommend Eric.

Brad McCort, Business Owner

Legal advice on your terms! I hired Eric to assist with a corporate asset purchase, while working out of state. He was easily accessible, responsive and provided clear guidance on some sensitive topics. Transparent pricing and fee structure was also refreshing. He was great to work with and I plan to use him in the future should the need arise.

Victor, Business Owner

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