Business Contract

A good business contract is one of the most valuable things your business can have. It can avoid lawsuits and promote good business. Let me draft a business contract to your exact needs, or review them for you before you sign.

Business contract

Good business contracts are one of the best ways to make sure that your business runs smoothly. How can I help?

your business deserves GOOD CONTRACTs

In fact, a good business contract can often mean the difference between smooth sailing and a big dispute - maybe even a trip to court! Good contracts don't just spell out how conflicts will be resolved, they also spell out the responsibilities of each of the parties to the contract so misunderstandings don't come about in the first place! 

Fact: good business practices+a good business contract means that your risks of a lawsuit over your business are drastically reduced. Wouldn't it feel good to stop worrying about liability so you can focus on what you do best?

What makes a contract a "good" contract? Well I'm glad you asked. Check out the rest of this page as well as my blog article on generic contracts and you'll see what I mean. 

What should be in my Business contract?

Every good business contract needs certain key terms. Here's a partial list of those that I think are the most important:

  • Who the parties are (exactly). This includes the correct legal entity if one or both are companies.
  • Exact start and end dates.
  • Exactly what each party will do.
  • Exactly how compensation will be paid, if any.
  • Whether there is to be any "indemnification" (ie whether one party will defend or reimburse the other party if the first party causes the other party to be sued - see legal glossary for more info).
  • How disputes are to be resolved (for example whether there is to be arbitration or mediation).
  • Where disputes are to be resolved (here - or in Michigan? or where?)
  • What should be done if there is a breach of the contract - does it jump straight to a lawsuit (not preferable) or is there some notice and waiting period (preferable).

There are also always many specific terms that are tailored to your particular industry, transaction, or situation. I offer "no-generic contracts" meaning that every contract I write is specifically tailored to your specific situation and is never a one-size-fits-all contract.


What if I'm asked to sign a contract?

If you're asked to sign someone else's business contract, it is always a good idea to have a lawyer who represents your interests look it over. It's a dirty little lawyer secret that lawyers almost always draft contracts 100% in favor of their clients even if it is bad for the other side. That means that if someone says "don't worry, my lawyer drew up this contract" this really means "this contract completely favors me and may be bad for you." Be especially wary if someone scoffs at your request to have time to have the contract reviewed by your lawyer.

One of the services I offer is pre-signing contract review. Before you sign someone else's business contract, send it to me and usually within a couple of days, I can look it over and let you know if there is anything of concern in it. I explain what I find and, if there is anything that should concern you, I can usually make suggestions for changes. 

Every single time I've been asked to do a pre-signing contract review, I've found many issues. These issues have ranged from superficial to glaring and critical. I've even found problems in purchase and sale contracts where my clients (usually the purchaser) would have ended up purchasing essentially nothing. 

I charge $25 per page ($150 minimum) for contract reviews.  Not much to pay for a whole lot of peace of mind.

I need a customized business contract

Need a customized contract for your business? Great, you've come to the right place. Whatever your need, I can draft a contract to take care of it.

Here are some of the situations or transactions I can draft contracts for:

  • Client services contract (the contract you use to do business with your clients, especially if you provide services)
  • Purchase and sale of a business
  • Lease agreements (this can be for someone else's property or even if it's necessary to formalize relationships between your own businesses for asset protection purposes) 
  • Liability waivers
  • Website terms and conditions
  • Employment contracts
  • Noncompete agreements
  • Asset transfers (including intellectual property)
  • Don't see what you need here? Just let me know and I'm sure we can figure out what you need

I always offer "no-generic contracts." This means that I never just re-use other people's contracts for you (which is one of the biggest pitfalls of borrowing other people's contracts or just finding one that looks good online. Instead, I always custom-craft every contract specific for your needs. That's the only way to build contracts the right way in my book.