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LLCs are quickly becoming the most popular entity choice for small businesses. They are easy to set up, low maintenance, and provide excellent legal protection. In fact, LLCs are probably the right choice for many, if not most new businesses; as long as they are built right that is.

Many LLCs aren’t started right

Many business owners think that starting an LLC is as simple as filing a few quick forms with the state and maybe opening a bank account. Those are the FIRST steps, but by no means the ONLY steps; not if you want your LLC to work right that is.

Unfortunately, the missing pieces often aren’t discovered until years later when something goes wrong. Something like a dispute between owners, a tax controversy, or even a lawsuit.

Don’t leave the formation of your LLC up to chance. I’ve been starting LLCs for business owners since 2011. When I start your LLC, you can get the peace of mind that everything has been done right plus, you get experienced legal advice to make sure you’re making the right choices along the way.

Here’s what you get when I start an LLC for you:

  • Consultation to make sure this is the right legal entity for your business
  • All state and local filings
  • Customized LLC operating agreement (critical and often missed piece)
  • Specific provisions for a PLLC (Professional Limited Liability Company) if you are a licensed professional
  • Customized official LLC Book with instructions on what to keep
  • Issuance of an EIN (like your LLC’s own social security number)
  • Detailed instructions on how to properly manage your LLC
  • Optional documents and filings to choose S-corporation tax status
  • Advice on tax-savings strategies

For LLCs with multiple members, I can help you make sure things run smoothly with:

  • Advice on how to manage deadlocks (where there are equal numbers of members voting for and against an important decision)
  • Advice on how to handle day-to-day decisions
  • A customized Buy-Sell Agreement (this controls how and when members can sell their ownership interests to each other or outsiders)

Ready to start an LLC for your business? Let’s talk! I offer all my LLC formation packages on a flat fee that makes sense for your budget.

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