Digital Reputation

Need help defending your digital reputation?

Don’t let a smear campaign hurt your digital reputation

These days, the digital reputation of your business is everything. Rarely do potential customers look past reviews and ratings. Got a slew of 5 star ratings? Let Digital Reputationthe good times roll. Got lots of negatives? Better watch out.

While legitimate customer service concerns are outside of my purview, sometimes spiteful customers want to use false and defamatory reviews or ratings to damage your business or get leverage for a billing dispute.

That’s where I can help. I’ve got lots of experience with digital marketing and reviews including through Communication Hackers, the digital marketing firm I own with my wife. Get help getting to the bottom of shady reviews, prevent improper use of your trademarks, or stop angry customers from leaving false and slanderous reviews.

Your digital reputation counts. Let’s protect it.

Get help defending your digital reputation
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