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Know what you’re getting yourself into – before you sign on the dotted line.

Never Sign a Contract You Don’t Understand

Contracts are surprisingly complicated creatures. More so the more lawyers have a part in crafting them.Contract review

Unfortunately, anyone who signs a contract will almost always be held to their terms. It doesn’t matter if the terms were hidden under layers of complicated legalese, camouflaged by bad grammar and run-on sentences, or glossed over by a hard-working business owner who didn’t go to law school.

Unless reviewing and making sense of fine print is your cup of tea, you should never, ever sign a contract you don’t 100% understand. The repercussions on you and your business can be huge and long-lasting. You should especially never sign a contract if it was drafted by “the other side’s lawyer.” Most lawyers draft contracts that are 100% favorable to their clients and often not favorable to anyone else (including you).

Never sign a contract you don’t understand.

I’ve been helping business clients, big and small, with their contract needs for over 10 years. In that time, I’ve negotiated, written, and enforced, literally hundreds of contracts. Reviewing and making sense of contracts is my cup of tea.

Before you sign that contract (or before you take action that may violate one) let me help you with a contract review and consultation to help you make better decisions. All contract reviews are charged on a flat-fee basis by the page.

I look forward to helping you with your contract review needs. Need a contract written instead? I can also help you write customized contracts for all your business transactions.

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