Succession Planning

Keep your business ownership in the right hands.

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So you’ve built a successful and valuable business after years of blood, sweat, and tears.Succession Planning

Congratulations! Not many people can say that.

Are you looking to transition into retirement? Just want to step back and have your protege (maybe son or daughter) start taking over? Or are you thinking years ahead and want to make sure that ownership and management of your baby stays in the right hands?

Proper succession planning can help give you some peace of mind and ensure that your business is successful for years (even generations) to come.

There are often many pieces to a good succession plan though, and poorly written or implemented plans can be disastrous. These can lead to ugly disputes, family quarrels, or even unanticipated tax consequences.

I always take a business-savvy, team approach to succession planning. Your plan will always be the best product of a team consisting of at least a business-minded tax expert (usually your CPA), and insurance advisors, and then of course, me, as your legal support.

Whether you’re ready to retire, or just want to plan ahead, contact me today to start working on succession planning for your business.

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