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Why Choose Us

No-Travel Legal Advice™

Wherever you go, there’s your advice.

I hate waiting rooms. I bet you do too.

As a business owner, I know time is truly your most precious asset. The more you have to travel and waste time in waiting rooms, the less time you have to devote to running your business.

That’s why I’m proud to offer No-Travel Legal Advice™. With a fully virtual model, and using the power of technology, I am able to offer you all of the legal services you’d traditionally get by visiting a law firm, in the comfort of your own office (or wherever you are). I conduct most of my client meetings through video-conference, get e-signatures for almost all documents, and host virtual collaboration spaces so we can work on documents and projects together, seamlessly. Of course, every digital tool I use goes through my vigorous No-Compromise Security™ vetting so you can be sure that all of our communications are private.

Wherever you are, whether in your office or in your vacation home, No-Travel Legal Advice™ means my services are at your fingertips.

No-Compromise Security™

Your secrets. Protected.

Nothing is more important than your secrets. That’s why I’ve enlisted the help of my wife Laura (Clear Focus Law’s Director of Client Services) to create the most secure information storage infrastructure possible. Laura has significant experience working in National Security at a Department of Energy research lab so information security and privacy is second nature to her.

Without disclosing too many details, my No-Compromise Security™ policy means we’ve gone to extensive lengths to make sure that every bit of my firm’s infrastructure is designed to keep your confidential information as safe as possible. I store all of your files on a secure, end-to-end encrypted cloud-storage system, I use an encrypted email service (, this very website is hosted through a dedicated SSL certificate and scanned for malware daily, and I only use fully encrypted platforms for collaborating and communicating with clients.

No-Compromise Security™. Because your secrets matter.

Why choose us
Why choose us

Smart Billing Structure

Is the meter running? Nope.

Lawyers are famously notorious for charging by the phone-call or email. The result is usually a healthy dose of sticker-shock when you get their bills. Not cool. Especially when you have a business to run. 

I know cost predictability is a big deal to small business owners. Trading the stress of legal concerns for the stress of big, unpredictable legal bills is not a good deal. That’s why I almost never charge by the hour. Instead, except for more unusual cases, I offer flat-fee, all-inclusive billing for virtually all of my solutions. That way you can get the help and peace of mind you need, without worrying about what the bill is going to look like. 

Smart Billing Structure. Because no-one likes legal-fee sticker shock. 

Plain Language Advice™

Legalese? Not spoken here.

Nobody wants to pay for overly complicated, jargon-filled advice that leaves you with more questions than answers.

I get it.

That’s why I hired my wife Laura to be my communication strategist. Laura has a degree in English and extensive experience helping scientists translate extremely technical information into easily understood plain language. As my communication strategist, she does much of the same thing. Her job (which she does very well) is to help me communicate with clients in a clear, easily understood, way. We even have a term for this: Plain Language Advice™. Whether the communication requires better language, a diagram, video walk-through, or a quick video-conference, whatever communication channel the job calls for, I promise to always do my best to make sure my advice is easily understandable.

Plain Language Advice™. Another way I strive to offer clients exceptional value.

Why Choose Us
Why Choose Us

Business-Friendly Advice

Legal advice at the speed of business.

You’ve got a business to run, and grow and you don’t need legal advice that slows you down. I get it. 

The last thing you need is overly cautious lawyers with no experience running a business giving you advice that is based on theory, not reality. 

I draw on my business school education and experience as a business owner and entrepreneur to make sure the advice I give is practical and realistic, in addition to being understandable. 

Tech. On Your Terms.

The ultimate high-tech client experience.

In the digital age, when you can order just about anything with the click of a mouse and expect it on your porch in two days, you shouldn’t have to be filling out paper forms. Or sending things to lawyers in the mail.

I make full use of the most advanced yet proven technological tools to make for the ultimate in technology-driven client experience where your convenience is one of my top priorities. I use encrypted cloud-storage to store and deliver documents, can communicate with you using 100% end-to-end encrypted email, make full use of e-signatures, and do all my billing digitally. I even provide clients with their own web-portal so they access project documents and other resources 24/7, and submit important information with easy and secure web forms.

Technology. On your terms and for your convenience.

Why Choose Us


Eric has been a great asset for a number of legal items. He has been responsive and patient and has worked to make sure any concerns have been addressed. He has provided guidance and comfort and made legal items approachable. Working with Eric has been a real pleasure.

Bryan, Cybersecurity Consultant

Eric is great to work with. I consulted with him on a personal matter and he completed his review in a very short time. I also refer my business clients to him for their legal needs on a regular basis. His rates are very reasonable, and he is very knowledgeable. I highly recommend him!

Claudia, Business Consultant

It’s a very nice feeling knowing that we can call on Eric for honest, quick, and conscientious legal help….sometimes at odd hours. Eric has helped us through some pretty challenging issues, we can’t thank him enough and therefore enthusiastically recommend his legal services. The last case Eric worked on for us was with real estate. Eric saved us from making a big mistake, which would have left us financially exposed….very glad we brought Eric on board with that transaction, or that particular real estate deal could have dealt us a tremendous blow.

Ree, Business Owner

I have been in the tax and accounting business for 10 years. I have been using Eric personally and for business for the past 4 years. He has completed my will, business contracts, LLC formations, non-competes, and given me legal counsel on the sale of a business. He has done great work on all these projects at a very reasonable price.

I have also referred him to over a dozen of my clients and I have never received a complaint from any of them. I highly recommend Eric Hsu.

Adam, Accounting Business Owner

Eric did an S-Corp for my real estate business and it saved me $22,000 in taxes that I would have had to pay to Uncle Sam. It was the best thing that I ever did for my business and Eric was great to work with. He was very complete in his paperwork and he got me set up fast so I would not miss my IRS deadline. He is an excellent attorney and I would highly recommend him.

Josh Blankenship, Real Estate Agent

I’ve used Eric on multiple occasions to set up new business entities. I’m always impressed with his work. He is very thorough and definitely has his client’s best interest in mind. I will continue using his services and recommend him to anyone I know.

Burt, Real Estate Agent

Eric has prepared employment agreements for me, along LLC filings and renewals. Eric is always punctual , timely and easy to communicate with. Keep up the great work!

Kyle Hagen, President of A-One Refrigeration & Heating, Inc.

CFL helped my business deal with a client trying to defame us. He responded quickly and did exactly what we needed. Will definitely use him again. Thank you!

Laura Gosink, Managing Veterinarian

Clear Focus is a great choice!

Diane Jaggi, Real Estate Investor

Eric helped me start a new business in a separate State, providing engineering services for Idaho National Lab. This required him to get multiple applications going simultaneously. This was done seamlessly and in a timely manner. He also negotiated my rates and other details, beyond my expectations. I couldn’t be happier with the results, or with his accessibility as the issues were dealt with.

Pat, Hedron Engineering, PLLC

I have used this firm for a few years now. Excellent, honest business with sound advice. More than affordable pricing. I highly recommend Eric.

Brad McCort, Business Owner

Legal advice on your terms! I hired Eric to assist with a corporate asset purchase, while working out of state. He was easily accessible, responsive and provided clear guidance on some sensitive topics. Transparent pricing and fee structure was also refreshing. He was great to work with and I plan to use him in the future should the need arise.

Victor, Business Owner

Cost-conscious and responsive. For many years, Eric has done an outstanding job supporting my various endeavors, from setting up a non-profit charitable organization to creating an LLC to acquire real estate. He has yet to exceed any quoted price for services, which is much appreciated. I highly recommend him to anyone.

Rick, Business Owner

I would recommend Eric with Clear Focus Law to anyone! Very knowledgeable and always available which is so important in business.

Samuel Worlund, Business Owner

Eric was a pleasure to work with during the entire process of setting up and formalizing my corporation. His experience made the process very clear and easy to understand, his turnaround time on deliverables was exceptional, and his cost was more than reasonable. He will have a hard time getting rid of this customer!

Lance Frisbee, Digital Business Owner