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I’m passionate about helping you buy, build, & sell strong, thriving businesses.

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Do you like worrying about legal anxieties?

I didn’t think so. Running a business is hard enough without having to worry about legal problems on top of that. And legal problems are hard enough without having to deal with lawyers.

That’s why I started Clear Focus Law. To help business owners find legal peace™ without dealing with lawyers who make things more complicated (and more expensive).

My background

In addition to being a lawyer, I’m also an husband, dad, entrepreneur, outdoor enthusiast, amateur gardener, and technology geek.

I bring my varied experiences and skills to play every time I work with a client. I like to think that this helps me be as creative as possible when solving legal problems for my client in a hassle-free way.

Where did I go to school

No, I’m not going to tell you where I sent to school. I’m pretty sure you don’t care. Instead, here are some of my credentials and accomplishments that I’m sharing to demonstrate how I can help you with your legal concerns:

  • Strong business background (business undergraduate degree, business owner, started my own businesses)
  • 100% focus on business law practice
  • 11+ years as a senior-level manager overseeing attorneys (now that’s a management challenge)
  • Helped dozens of small businesses with legal issues over the past 9+ years

Holistic approach

Law doesn’t exist in a vacuum. I get that. That’s why I take a totally holistic approach to legal problems. Whether that means helping you with your business model, giving you suggestions for marketing, or bringing together a bigger team (including tax, insurance, and banking professionals for instance) we can put together the well-rounded solutions that your business needs to thrive.

Realistic solutions

Never will I bring overly aggressive, cautious, or convoluted legal solutions that jeopardize your business transactions or relationships. I know that when business and law clash, business has to prevail – if you want to keep your doors open.


I’m a digital marketing and cyber-technology practitioner. In addition to experience as a felony-level digital crimes prosecutor, I assist my wife with her digital marketing business, Communication Hackers. If you’ve got technology-related legal worries, I can help.

Caring & compassionate approach

I care about your business. I really do! One of my favorite aspects of client meetings is hearing the unique stories that go into the businesses that I get to help build. Now that’s exciting! I look forward to hearing about the story of your (business) baby.

About the team
I’ve assisted clients in many industries, including:

The Rest of My Team

Ready to help you find legal peace™.

Laura Hsu
Laura Hsu
Client Services Manager

Meet my wife Laura. She’s in charge of marketing for the firm, but more importantly for you, she is also the Client Care Manager.

Not only does that mean that Laura is the one who can help you when I’m not available, but she’s also the one who helps me make sure that 100% of everything I do is completely client-focused. That means that from the very first second you visit my website to when we finalize and wrap up your project, my services are completely focused on your convenience and your needs. Not the other way around. And, if I start getting carried away and being too “lawyerly” I’ve got Laura to answer to!

Here are a few things you might want to know about Laura:

Laura isn’t a lawyer.

That’s what makes her so good at what she does. She can see our firm, our practices, and my approach, from an outsider’s non-lawyer viewpoint. Am I making things too complicated? Am I speaking with too many acronyms or jargon? Am I losing track of the “business” in business law? Laura has the perspective to get me back on track so I can do my best for your business.

Laura is a communicator.

With a degree in English, experience as a teacher, and over a decade of work helping scientists in a National Lab communicate highly technical materials in an understandable way, Laura is a communicator. A helluva a good one. She helps ensure that my communications with clients, whether through reports, correspondence, publications, or educational material, is always clear, concise, and understandable.

Laura knows privacy & security.

Having worked in a National Lab environment on highly sensitive projects, privacy and security are second nature for Laura. She plays a huge part in helping me put together the infrastructure that keeps your private information private, and away from unwelcome prying eyes, whether they be your competitors, or Facebook.

With Laura on the team, one & one really does equal more than two. We’re standing by to take the legal hassles off your plate.

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